Here We Are Again

by Input + Broken

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It's 2017. Let's Party. Ok?


There's some sunset sitting on my forehead/
Within that one breath sits another doorstep/
What if you opened it to witness it was your death/
Would there be time to just rewind it, and not force it/
I didn't think that I could think of things like this/
I didn't mean that it was easy to dismiss/
So here we are again, drinking at this bar again/
Vodka on the rocks is the only thing I'm targeting/
It's a cycle that's vital to making it through/
The only paying customers are not related to you/
It doesn't matter if you planned to have a hater or two/
Because their only way of thinking doesn't make it the truth/
Twas a god/damned/joke when the locks all broke/
And the cops came in with that stop/drop/roll/
So it's a lost cause waiting for that last dance/
And if it doesn't all fall down, we're on that fast track.

And we gonna make it how we wanna/ yeah yeah/

We got them up against the ropes/
With a body shot combination, puffing on some smoke/
I'm reading into it so deep, that I'm a character/
Latching on to every piece of me, yea Its embarrassing/
But I don't need another five nights in lime lights/
Looking for a connoisseur to tell me that my minds right/
I'm better off with some liquor and a prize fight/
Betting on the underdogs to take away my hindsight/
20/20 only when I really want to be/
The money takes away integrity and honesty/
So we gon make it how we always thought it ought to be/
A little bit of property with everyone we party with/
If it doesn't make sense, then don't respond to this/
We're just paying the rent to not be bothered with/
If you're coming aboard, then bring your common sense/
Everything else is better off if it does not exist/


released January 6, 2017
Words by Input
Beats by Broken
Strings by Korean Abdul-Jabbar



all rights reserved


Input Denver, Colorado

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